5 12/13/2017

Always good service

1 12/8/2017

I have had a horrible experience over the last 2 weeks with Honest 1 Auto. My car was having trouble starting so I took it in to have it looked at. They told me that my starter,battery, and power steering hose needed to be fixed ASAP for the problem to be solved. $700 later I picked up my car and drove home. Later that night I went to start my car and It would not even turn on. I finally got it started and drove straight back to Honest 1 Auto. I explained the problem and they said they would have a look at it. They said that the problem was not actually the starter, battery, or the hose and instead charged me another $100 to fix a "wire" that was malfunctioning. Happy the problem was finally solved I picked up my car that afternoon and drove home. Once again I went to drive that night and this time although my car turned on, now my lights would not work. I took that car back the next morning and explained the problem, and they tried to tell me that the problem was totally unrelated, and it was going to cost another arm and a leg because this time I had to replace the computer in the car. Seriously this place is a joke and they take advantage of their customers. I paid almost $1000 and my car is worse off than it was before I took it to Honest 1 Auto.

5 11/16/2017

Excellent customer service. Bob and Chris went the extra mile in working around a busy university schedule. They provided peace of mind for a dad whose daughter was several hundred miles away from home at school. Communication and progress updates were great. Work was completed before the promised time.

5 11/7/2017

Very reliable

5 11/6/2017

Five stars

5 10/4/2017

I’ve been coming here for a few years now. I always feel like I’m coming home when I bring my car to Honest 1 in Provo. The folks that run this shop always greet me warmly. They are also knowledgeable and always willing to answers questions I have. They are never pushy with their recommendations and the work is always done quickly and well.

5 9/25/2017

Very competent mechanics

5 9/20/2017

Been taking my vehicles to Honest 1 for 7 years. Great service, friendly, and honest. I recommend them.

5 9/19/2017

I just moved here from California this is my second week here and I was lucky enough to find a great mechanic a great business and a great experience I saved hundreds of dollars due to the preventive maintenance that this company was able to Recommend.

5 9/13/2017

Bob and Chris make it easy for me to keep my car in good working order.