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Why Weekly Specials?

At Honest- 1 Auto Care in Provo, we like to do more than fix brakes and change oil. We are known as an auto repair shop, but we strive to be much more. We understand that a lot of times, car repairs are not in the planned budget and can come as an unwanted expense. While you may know how often you need an oil change, you may not plan on it coming at the same time as some other less-than-enjoyable expenses. Because of this, we’ve decided to help you out. We strive to give you the best service we can for the best price. We won’t charge you for things we don’t do, and we won’t do things that aren’t necessary. At Honest 1, we are dedicated to being knowledgeable about our auto repairs, being honest with you about what your automobile needs, and giving you a fair and affordable price for all the services your automobile may require.

Check back to be sure that you’re aware of our weekly specials so you can take advantage of them and put your money where you really want it to go.

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